Global Gender
Regimes 2020

Course Overview

Catalogue Description                                                                                  This course compares the lives of women and men around the world in terms of their public and private roles and responsibilities. It seeks to explain the difference between men's and women's status as well as variation in women's status transnationally by looking at the influence of cultural, economic and legal structures.  

Learning Objectives

Communication Skills

Students will be able to express ideas using modes of communication used in contemporary professional settings, e.g., concise, explanatory writing; data visualization and presentation; oral communication both formal and informal.



The ability to find information on politics in academic sources and to use this information to interrogate information found in popular media, the internet, etc.


Knowledge of one or more Areas of the World 

Students demonstrate college level knowledge of the religious beliefs, cultural practices, social organization, political and economic development of a specific region.


Knowledge of Global Systems

Students demonstrate college-level knowledge of the systems that organize the globalized world, including but not limited to international law, organizations and politics; international trade and economics; global sociology and religions.


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